Are you ready to see what funds your Republican senator’s election campaign?

At Betsy Riot we believe hiding the soldiers’ caskets from tv helps numb the public to war, and we believe the sanitation of gun slaughter into rightwing childish fantasies about good guys in shootouts numbs the public to the horrific reality of gun violence. At the link below you will see a moment of the aftermath of the Parkland school shooting, when sobbing, terrified students are led out of their classroom and past the bodies of their slaughtered classmates. Send this link to every craven piece of shit gunlicking fuckstain whose palms are greased by this industry and tell them to enjoy their retirement because America will not fucking put up with this anymore.

Wayne Lapierre and Chris Cox have a new masterwork.

Murder Stores

We at Betsy Riot think it would be a real crying shame and possibly in violation of local ordinances, depending on location, if people everywhere were to print out this pdf (link to full-sized 8/5″ x 11″ file here:…/MURDER%20STORE.pdf…) and plaster it all over every fucking gun store in your respective towns. It would be even worse if you laminated them so they would last longer and built yourself a Betsy banger according to the easy-to-follow instructions here ( and whacked these things up high, making them difficult to remove. It would, in fact, be so tragically unfair that we are willing to bet that unlike the slaughter of 58 people at a concert, it might actually elicit a reaction from the gunlicking shitstains who pour guns into your community.

FuckYourGuns Aeroplane Takes to the Sky

Happening now over Atlanta. Betsy Riot tells the NRA to fuck off with their death-pushing toxic masculinity and fake patriotism. Guns are not freedom, you pathetic, ignorant, simpering fuckwits. They are a product you done got sold hook, line and sinker. The NRA’s best asset is their members’ gullibility.