Betsy Spreads the Truth

Delaware County Republican Party Headquarters

Media, Pennsylvania

Depraved Gunlicking Misogyny

While strolling through Whitney’s World of Crafts in Branson, Missouri, Betsy spotted this little piece of depraved gunlicking misogyny, and regretted that she only had G-rated stickers on her when a “Fuck you, murderous misogynist NRA jizz puddle” one was called for.

Betsy Burns Guns: An Ambient Sound Relaxation Video

Sit back in the hot tub with a loved one and a glass of your favorite wine, and enjoy the soothing sounds of “Betsy Burns Guns: An Ambient Sound Relaxation Video.” Feel the tensions of another day lived under an illegitimate fascist idiocracy leave your body and imagine for a moment you do not live in a country where over 30,000 people a year die from gun violence. Wake up refreshed! Because this shit isn’t going away until you fight it with every fucking fiber of your being.

As seen on The Betsy Riot YouTube Channel!

Deb Fischer = Bootlicker

Apparently things got tense in Nebraska yesterday when Bootlicking Trumptool Deb Fischer refused to meet with constituents but did meet with a rightwing special interest group. We are hoping to get photos and video of Betsy Riot’s shenanigans at that event, but in the meantime we received this from Omaha.

Betsy’s Banners

Betsy, being a patriotic gal, celebrated President’s Day by hanging banners around the country to remind the thoughtful masses that they are not alone in finding SCROTUS to be a racist, misogynist wad of smegma unsuitable for the title. Resist this fascist regime, patriots!

Fuck You, Pussy Grabber

The plywood barrier at a Manhattan construction site was covered in pro-Pussy Grabber posters. The posters had already been deemed unpopular by the citizenry, but a Manhattan Betsy felt they needed one final tweak. And on the way back, she slapped a final sticker on a light pole. Because fuck you, Pussy Grabber.

Only Terrorists Plan Massacres

Get a load of this shit. Some wad of scrotal cheese owns a gun range in Bloomington, Illinois, down the highway from DeKalb, Illinois, where five people were killed and another 17 were injured in a mass shooting at Northern Illinois University on Valentine’s Day in 2008. So what does this shitgibbon behind Darnall’s Gun Works do? He decides to hold a “Valentine’s Day Massacre,” inviting members of the shallow end of the gene pool to come shoot automatic guns in celebration of the toll guns have taken in his state. Betsy saw what this glob of diarrheal mucus was planning and posted some signs near his place of business.