Betsy Printables


1. Stickers

The easiest and simplest way to start betsying is by posting, anywhere and everywhere, stickers that promote a Betsy Riot message and signature.

Stickering is the quietest form of disruption and something you can do anytime all by yourself at your leisure. You can make your own stickers of course (remember to put a #betsyriot on it!) or you can download one of the sticker sheets we’ve provided for home printing.

Our sticker sheets are in .pdf file format and follow Avery® brand label templates. Each sticker sheet’s file name ends with the product number of the Avery® label size you should use for that sticker. Avery® 5163 is our most frequently used, but you’ll find others, as well. All you
have to do is buy blank matching labels from an office supply store, download one of our .pdfs, and print away in the comfort and convenience of your own home!

Betsy Riot started out exclusively focused on the gun issue and telling the NRA to go fuck itself, but since the erection of Drumpf, we’ve expanded the people and institutions we tell to
fuck off. We’re adding new stickers all the time, so keep checking back.

2. Flyers

If adhesive-backed dissension is not your thing (or even if it is), you’ll also find we offer printable 8½ X 11 flyers. Flyers are good for all kinds of uses— slipping into store magazines or under windshield wipers or as mailers. Some people even bang them up all over town.

And finally, the folder we call “XTRA PROJECTS” will be the go-to place for specific Betsy Riot actions that involve coordinated printing and dissemination. It may be a nationwide project or peculiar to one betsy’s region.