Minnesota State Fair


As the dog days of summer wind down, Betsy decided she could not miss the opportunity to visit the supersized Minnesota State Fair, where over 100,000 folks PER DAY will enjoy some family time and funnel cake, along with Betsy’s thoughts on the current state of this here union. We think these Betsies did a bang-up job and made their feelings clear. Like Crystal (<<see what we did there??).

When Betsy departed the fairgrounds she helped Saint Paul and Zumbrota get in on the sweet Betsy action, too.

L’Étoile du Nord, meet L’Étoile de Betsy!

Chodestock 2017


McLean County, IL: Unrepentant Trumphuming fascist pieces of shit Nick Adams (Conservative t̶a̶l̶k̶i̶n̶g̶ turnip head) and Chuck Erickson (McLean County GOP) tried to have a peaceful (SO PEACEFUL) weekend of Town & Country Trumphumping, with various events taking place at Illinois State University and a picnic at GOP Board Member George Wendt’s farm – a/k/a CHODESTOCK 2017.

Well, Betsy hates fascists but fucking loves a picnic, so she decided to attend — waving her First Amendment in their doughy white faces. Here are some of the greetings Betsy prepared for them:

Fuck Pearl Clutching

Fuck Calm. Fuck Pearl-Clutching. Fuck Nice.

Fight Fascism.

Be a Betsy.

Betsy Heads to Janesville

Betsy packed her bag, making sure to include plenty of venom and veracity, and set out for a visit to Janesville, WI where Cuck of the House Paul Ryan lives in a home that is both beautiful and completely out of reach for the hardworking Americans that Speaker Ryan and his party pretend to care about. Betsy checked her social calendar and discovered that she wasn’t invited over to sip mint juleps on the porch with the Ryans. In staunch adherence to her Bettiquette, she did not disturb nor approach their impressive and enviable brick manse but Betsy can’t help but to assume it is equipped with some kind of sophisticated C.N.R.F. (Constituent Noise Reduction Features) because how else would the Speaker of the House be able to deafen his ears to the righteously angry Americans that he and his party are screwing over?

While Betsy was visiting Janesville, she was informed that Paul Ryan was to hold a Town Hall at the Racine Theatre Guild in Racine, WI. Not wanting to miss out on this now-rare-for-Ryan event, Betsy headed that way to see the first Town Hall the congressman had held in over 630 days. Yes, that’s right, the leader of the House of Representatives had not held a forum in his district to listen to the concerns of the people since October 2015. Why? Because he was scared of protesters coming and of those who would come and ask him difficult questions, or, in truth-terms, he was scared of doing his job and having to explain why he continually sells the American Dream to his biggest donors and to explain why his tax “reform” plan includes more massive tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans and large corporations (the 1%) and provides these back-scratches at the peril of the rest of us 99 percenters.

While the spineless puppet, on strings from his billionaire bankrollers, answered scripted questions and pretended that his tepid statement post-Charlottesville denouncing white supremacy cancels out his sycophantic, complicit Trumphumping, Betsy was outside with her fellow patriots in the #Resistance, but overall the “Town Hall,” with more law enforcement officers** and security detail present than protesters, had a feel about as welcoming as a gated community during a lockdown.

**Betsy was astonished at how many “Back the Badge” signs she saw on her Wisconsin travels. Seemingly the new Wisconsin state flower, there was one in nearly every-other-yard and Betsy grew tired of seeing support *only* for LEOs as if actual minority groups aren’t being discriminated against, marginalized, profiled, and shot every day in America. Of course, Betsy had to make her own version, which she must admit she likes ever-so-much better!

Fuck the Cowards at Everytown


Betsy Riot began with a simple message: FUCK THE NRA and its gunhumping knob-slurping minions. When the NRA and Russia installed President Tiny Hands von Pussy Grabber into office, we expanded our messaging to: FUCK FASCISM, because fascism is the tie that binds.

Which is why we were dismayed recently to learn that Everytown for Gun Safety (ET), the largest so-called “gun violence prevention” organization in America, has chosen a very different message: FASCISM, RACISM, POLICE BRUTALITY, GUNLICKING AND TRUMP ARE FUCKING AWESOME!

Everytown, it turns out, is demonstrating its courage and commitment to ending gun violence in America by co-funding and co-sponsoring the annual circle jerk of police brutality celebrants who comically call themselves the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP)! Everytown is lending their name to the event alongside the NRA, Beretta, and other killing-related tacticalwhateverthefuckwhogivesashit businesses–because the best way to fight gun violence is to give your money to fascists, roll over to show them your vulnerable crotch and hope they like you.

Betsy Riot says: FUCK THAT SHIT.

Our rage at the murder lobbyists now must become a big tent rage that includes Everytown and any other so-called “gun violence prevention group” that has made deliberate, calculated concessions to the NRA and its brown-shirted enablers at the state and federal levels, concessions most often paid for with the lives and bodies of black and brown youth in this country.

Let’s review:

–The FOP endorsed Donald Trump.

–The FOP defended Trump when he gave police a green light to stomp their jackboots all over due process and rough up arrestees.

–The FOP called 12-year-old Tamir Rice, shot dead for holding a toy gun, a “thug.”

–Google “Lautenberg Amendment”. FOP opposed that and sued to stop it.

–A scheduled speaker at this year’s FOPfest is none other than Betty Jo Shelby, the murderous cop who was recently acquitted for the killing of an unarmed black man, Terence Crutcher.

It is unconscionable that a so-called gun violence prevention organization is handing money (whose money? Yours?) alongside the NRA to sponsor an unapologetic fascism fan club. Crushing your moral compass and holding hands with the murderers of unarmed inner city children is no way to end gun violence in this country.

If you care about gun violence, we call on you to stop wasting your dollars by supporting fascism by proxy. Fuck the cowards of Everytown and donate instead to Black Lives Matter or a worthy social justice program of your choice.

And as always, send your mantears and/or momtears to betsyriot@gmail.com

Lincoln, Nebraska

This morning in downtown Lincoln, Nebraska.
No Nebraska nice for neo-nazis! Denounce Trump & complicit GOP! xoxo Betsy Riot