It’s a Bird! It’s a plane! It’s Betsy Riot!



/fək’ thē in’ är ā/

plural: betsies, betsys, a riot of betsies

1. an unapologetic feminist patriot who has fucking had enough of Trump culture and gun culture and the death and terror they inflict on America

2. a nonviolent act of civil disobedience against fascism, Trump, or gun culture


past tense: betsied

to prank, lambaste, and generally fuck up whitewing gunlicking bullshit

“That riot of betsies betsied the shit out of the gun show.”

Betsy Interrupts a Weeniesqueeze

TFW you and your hatriot buds are all ready to whip out the vienna sausages for your weeniesqueeze when what’s that overhead? It’s Betsy Buzzkill.

FuckYourGuns Aeroplane Takes to the Sky

Happening now over Atlanta. Betsy Riot tells the NRA to fuck off with their death-pushing toxic masculinity and fake patriotism. Guns are not freedom, you pathetic, ignorant, simpering fuckwits. They are a product you done got sold hook, line and sinker. The NRA’s best asset is their members’ gullibility.

Watch the Skies!

Watch the skies, gullible, fetishistic fake patriots and pseudo-Christians! Watch the skies, cynical, greedy death merchants! Watch the skies, democracy-hating Murder Lobby!

Watch the skies of Atlanta, Georgia, today!

The eagle flies at…ohhhh, around 1:00 to 3:00 or so.

Watch the skies.


From the Front Seat of the Betsy FuckYourGunsmobile

So what’s it like to drive the Betsy FuckYourGunsmobile through downtown Atlanta when Trump is in town for the Annual NRA Sausagestroke? Our Betsy driver sent us this video. Stay tuned for more from Betsy Riot at the #NRAAM tomorrow! We have a little something extra planned. Follow our page for updates and LIKE and SHARE our dispatches from Gunfucksville.

Betsy FuckYourGunsMobile

The Betsy FuckYourGunsMobile is received by Americans who have HAD IT with the death grip of the NRA and spineless pieces of shit like the fascist gunlicker in the Oval Office.

Spotted on the Streets of Atlanta

A new fan of Betsy sent us this picture from #NRAAM2017 in Atlanta.

Betsy Joins the Die-In

The Betsy FuckYourGunsMobile joined other protestors at the Die-In at Woodruff Park in Atlanta at the #NRAAM2017