Calling All Betsies!

Are you going to wring your hands on social media when literal fucking Nazis are carrying torches through American cities? Are you going to curl into the fetal position when racist fucks mow a woman down on the street? Not if you’re one of us. Get up, get out there, and hold the line.


Banner it, flyer it, sticker it, scream it at a fascist GOP legislator. Ruin a Nazi’s day. Be a goddamned American and resist this fucking shit.

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Nebraska GOP = Flaming Assholes

Today was the last day of the Nebraska legislative session, and senators patted each other on the back over lunch for slashing over 30 million dollars from state services for disabled kids, the elderly, and the mentally ill all so one percenters like their scrotal ulcer governor Pete Ricketts wouldn’t have to pay higher taxes.

So Nebraska Betsies took to the streets with their giant tube of anal cream. They stood outside the restaurant where the parasites who feed off of disabled kids celebrated, and jeered and taunted them as the flaming assholes lurched outside and slithered to the Capitol. “Only flaming assholes fund their own tax breaks off the suffering of children,” they yelled, as well as “Do you kill kids and the mentally ill before or after church?”

Betsy Parties in Austin!

These betsies were spotted at the Austin HONK! Festival. We hear the back of those sashes say something extremely impolite about Il Douche. If you’re in Austin, keep a lookout and you might score a Betsy Riot laptop sticker.

Sow the Seeds of Dissent

Sow the seeds of dissent and fuck shit up with free print-at-home Betsy Riot stickers! Just click on “Betsy Printables” on the menu, follow the link under the big photo of Betsies hard at work, and get started!

Stickering is the quietest form of disruption. It’s something you can do anytime all by yourself at your leisure. Our free sticker sheets are in .pdf file format and follow Avery® brand label templates. Each sticker sheet’s file name in our Dropbox folder ends with the product number of the Avery® label size you should use for that sticker. Avery® 5163 is our most frequently used, but you’ll find others, as well.

All you have to do is buy blank matching labels from an office supply store and print away in the comfort and convenience of your own home!

Betsy Riot started out exclusively focused on the gun issue and telling the NRA to go fuck itself, but since the erection of Drumpf, we’ve expanded the people and institutions we want to tell to fuck off. We’re adding new stickers all the time, so keep checking back! Check out our flyers, too!

Now. Go be a Betsy. Sow the seeds of dissent. Fuck shit up.

How to Be a Betsy – Part 4: Chalk Graffiti

How to Be a Betsy – Part 4: Chalk Graffiti

Part 4 of the instructional video series “How to Be a Betsy“, a BetsyRiot production.

In this episode: Chalk! Since the days of the fearsome Suffragettes, chalk has been used to speak truth to power on many forms of cement both laterally and vertically. The era of spray chalk has only expanded the possibilities, bringing to the age-old practice a modern speed and efficiency that causes many a gunlicker to gasp in indignation and even more to weep with frustrated man-tears of impotent rage and butthurtedness.

(As seen on the Betsy Riot YouTube Channel!)

How to Be a Betsy – Part 3: Banners

How to Be a Betsy – Part 3: Banners

Part 3 of the multi-part instructional video series “How to Be a Betsy” fromBetsyRiot Productions on how to betsy things, and in so doing, be aBetsy.

In this episode: Betsy demonstrates how to create an overpass banner using simple products available at your local home hardware store. Some zip ties, a little duct tape and a grommeted shower curtain liner are all you’ll need to say “Fuck the NRA!” to commuters and other travelers on the nation’s highways. Other methods are also briefly explored.

(As seen on the Betsy Riot YouTube Channel!)

How to Be a Betsy – Part 2: Clothes Tags

How to Be a Betsy – Part 2: Clothes Tags

Part 2 of the instructional video series “How to Be a Betsy“, a Betsy Riot production.

In this episode: a Betsy demonstrates how to betsy clothes by tagging them with a Buttoneer. Baggy camo Zubas are always nice targets, along with feed caps and tee shirts bearing gunlicker NRA propaganda full of angry, patriotic skulls, yet-to-be-trodden-upon rattlesnakes, and silhouettes of AR-15s ripe for the grabbing. The music is Annette Hanshaw, singing “I Want to Be Bad.”

How to Be a Betsy – Part 1: Stickers

How to Be a Betsy – Part 1: Stickers

So you want to be a Betsy, eh? Check out the first in our informative videos series “How to Be a Betsy” on our new YouTube channel!

In Part 1, we learn about stickers and how to betsy the living shit out of every fucking corner of America, with real life examples presented. The NRA dreams of a “guns everywhere” society. We dream of a “Fuck the NRA everywhere” society.