Fuck Your Guns – New Mexico

In her spare time, New Mexico Betsy likes to dabble in detailing shitty old cars and trucks to bring new life to them and make them more presentable. And she does it for free!–because she’s just that kind of swell gal.

You’re welcome, violence-abiding, children-hating, diseased scrotum-brained gunfuckers! No need to thank New Mexico Betsy! She’s happy to do it!


…She’s reeeeeeal happy to do it.

Betsy Heads to the Beach

And what does New Jersey Betsy do after a hard day fucking shit up and telling fascists to go fuck themselves? Why, she kicks back and has fun at Morey’s Pier, a seaside amusement park in Wildwood, New Jersey, that’s what.

Betsy Stickers Bibles

When Betsy travels she always puts stickers in hotel Bibles in the naive belief that Bible-thumping fuckwits ever even try to read them. Kansas City, Missouri.

Nice to Meet you Senator McCain

Above the pisser at U.S. Senator John McCain’s office.

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