Run For Your Lives!

The Senate’s Fuck America Healthcare Bill is dead, at least until our “leaders” cook up another grotesque way to feast on the pain and suffering of Americans. Nebraska Betsy wanted to remind Senator Deb Fischer’s constituents that if they manage to keep their healthcare it’s no thanks to the gruesome appetites of Senator Fischer, who has never met a non-millionaire constituent whose blood she doesn’t want to suck into her ghastly gullet. Betsy dropped this banner over a popular jogging path.

How to Be a Betsy – Part 3: Banners

How to Be a Betsy – Part 3: Banners

Part 3 of the multi-part instructional video series “How to Be a Betsy” fromBetsyRiot Productions on how to betsy things, and in so doing, be aBetsy.

In this episode: Betsy demonstrates how to create an overpass banner using simple products available at your local home hardware store. Some zip ties, a little duct tape and a grommeted shower curtain liner are all you’ll need to say “Fuck the NRA!” to commuters and other travelers on the nation’s highways. Other methods are also briefly explored.

(As seen on the Betsy Riot YouTube Channel!)