How to Be a Betsy Part 3:  Overpass Banners

How to Be a Betsy Part 3: Overpass Banners

The latest in our “How to Be a Betsy” YouTube video series. Here Betsy demonstrates how to create an overpass banner using simple products available at your local home hardware store. Some zip ties, a little duct tape and a grommeted shower curtain liner are all you’ll need to say “Fuck the NRA!” to commuters and other travelers on the nation’s highways. Other methods are also briefly explored.

As always, local laws apply and you should be mindful of them. We at Betsy Riot do NOT encourage law-breaking. When you break the law, you are being a bad, bad, naughty Betsy. And you should be ashamed of yourself.

We cannot be more emphatic on this point: The ever-rising blood bath of 33,000 gun deaths a year created by an immoral gun industry promoted by the racist, misogynist, right wing lobbying organization known as the NRA, and aided and abetted by craven politicians with no spine, is NO reason to break very important local ordinances about signage and graffiti.

As always, should you not abide by this stated policy, you should send us photos of your violations, so that we can post them as examples for other Betsies who may want to avoid being bad, bad and naughty.