This meme depicts Christina Broom, a Scottish housewife in the early 20th Century who, when she reached her 40s, picked up a camera and became the UK’s first female news photographer. Her documentation of the suffragette movement is a legacy whose value cannot be overestimated. We know of the radical fury and persistence of the suffragettes because we can see that it happened. It cannot be denied nor its chronicle rewritten. And largely because Christina Broom took photographs.

So. At any demonstration, of course–but particularly at upcoming Inaugural ones–be sure to take photos and even videos showing your signs with  #BETSYRIOT on them to share on our page!

The pussy-grabbing pathological narcissist about to become president denies and rewrites reality the moment it happens, which means documenting OUR radical fury and persistence has never been more important!

Let’s Betsy the fuck out of this sham event! And return with the photos to prove we did.