Betsy Spreads the Truth

Delaware County Republican Party Headquarters

Media, Pennsylvania

Fuck You, Pussy Grabber

The plywood barrier at a Manhattan construction site was covered in pro-Pussy Grabber posters. The posters had already been deemed unpopular by the citizenry, but a Manhattan Betsy felt they needed one final tweak. And on the way back, she slapped a final sticker on a light pole. Because fuck you, Pussy Grabber.

Betsy and the Constitution Go to the Doctor’s Office

Betsy goes to the doctor’s office in Lemon Grove, CA and leaves behind copies of the US Constitution acquired from the ACLU and adorned with special Betsy Riot bookplates.

Betsy Does Valentines Day

San Diego Betsies made these lovely realistic resistance valentines, complete with barcode. They then slipped them into drugstores all over the fucking place to be discovered by unsuspecting patrons to their delight or chagrin, whatever the case may be.

Oh, San Diego Betsies, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways. If you live in the San Diego area and would like to participate in some nonviolent, creative, fascism-busting good trouble, let us know and we will try to play matchmaker.

Betsy at the 9th Circuit Court

This spooky San Francisco Betsy stood in front of San Francisco City Hall and the 9th Circuit and got the chance to shout “RESIST” at Judge Canby of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. GO, BETSY, GO.

If you live in the Bay Area and would like to Betsy, shoot us a line and we’ll try to connect you with this bad-ass.