Download the Bible Quiz

Attention, Betsies! We have made the Omaha flyer downloadable so that you can insert your own local pro-birth, deatheating GOP legislator’s name into it and distribute in such a way that it elicits steamy, brothy man tears for your recreational imbibing.

This version is in Word:…

To make it look like the Omaha flyer you will need to download the font called Another Typewriter, available for free here:

However, if you would just like a PDF that simply calls out the whole rancid jizzwad of the Republican Party, you can download this ready-to-print PDF:…

These make EXCELLENT windshield warmers at gun-pushing pro-death churches. Be warned that local statutes vary and if you place these on a megachurchgoer’s F-one-fitty adorned with a “we don’t call 911” bumper sticker, the fragile gunhumper may indeed call 911 and soil himself and you may receive a littering citation which you may add to your scrapbook to show your grandkids.

A Tall Glass of Hot Creamy Man Tears

Betsies in Nebraska are sitting back and enjoying a tall glass of hot creamy man tears after an entire congregation of ethically impaired trumpsterbuckets shit their pants because some Betsy violated their safe space by putting super mean and true **paper flyers** on their windshields. Poor snowflakes!

Here’s the statement a Nebraska Betsy gave the reporter when the reporter asked why Betsy Riot chose rightwing churches as the target of their flyers:

“These legislators control policy at the federal and state levels. Their policies lead to the death and suffering of immigrant kids and refugees. They are inhumane, craven deatheaters who build profit and political careers off of inflicting misery on the most vulnerable people among us, the people who most need our compassion and help. How do they get away with this? They go to churches every Sunday that gift them with the veneer of piety and respectability, that let them preen themselves as God-fearing servants of Christ. In fact, they are violating the most basic moral tenets and their churches are providing them cover. 

Betsy Riot is about the difference between being polite and doing good. We don’t give a rat’s ass if those churchgoers think we are rude while they sit in their Sunday best lending religious credibility to men who crush children fleeing from war.”

And P.S., Congressman Don Bacon: walking on water is the least significant difference between you and the savior you profess to follow. Start with the fundamental flaw in your moral compass, you piece of shit.


Pro-Death Pete

Betsies in Omaha, Nebraska, printed flyers condemning the immoral nutsackery of their elected officials, including Governor Pete Ricketts, who so loves executing people that he overrode his state legislature on the matter and illegally imported execution drugs, all while flaunting his “pro life” Catholicism, and Congressman Don Bacon, who, like most bootlicking Trumpster fires, claims to be “pro life” and thumps a Bible while pushing guns everywhere and consigning poor children to death. Fuck those hypocritical deathslurping twatloogies. The Betsies visited these esteemed statesmen’s complicit congregations on Sunday, tucking a flyer onto every windshield in sight.


Our new flyer on lying sack of shit white supremacist Jefferson Beauregard Sessions can be printed, dropped, stapled, or taped wherever whitewing treasonous fuckery needs calling out, which is everywhere.
Downloadable PDF here: