Good Friday Bible Quiz

A Nebraska Betsy celebrated Good Friday by reminding the parishioners of a rightwing church that their death-penalty-pushing governor, Pete Ricketts, is an insult to the teachings of their savior. While the congregation reflected on the suffering and death of Jesus, their governor had illegally imported execution drugs and personally bankrolled a ballot initiative to get the death penalty back in the state.

Big Betsy is Watching

Betsy Riot staged a protest in Omaha, Nebraska Friday night in front of the Republican Party’s fundraiser dinners. Plates ran about $2000 each. Governor Pete Ricketts, Senator Deb Fischer, Congressman Don Bacon, Mayor Jean Stothert and other supporters of fascism, misogyny, and xenophobia attended the dinner in the hopes of raising funds for more fucking over of the poor, the brown, and the female, and with secondary anticipations that some well-placed Viagra, a little alcoholic lubrication, some fancy dress suits, and the stale whiff of money and power would prompt their companions to some slightly-less-begrudging-than-usual sex afterward.

The guest speaker at the fundraiser was alt-right fascist propagandist Charlie Kirk, founder and executivedirector of the anti-intellectual advocacy group Turning Point USA,best known for its campaign to intimidate public education faculty with a “Professor Watchlist”—a hitlist that personally targets academics whose teachings contradict the imbecilities and “alternative facts” of rightwing dogma.

Betsy Riot booed attendees, starting with former governor and “pro-life” neonatal care slasher Governor Dave Heineman, continuing until Charlie KKKirk was spotted purposely avoiding Betsy Riot by going a full block out of his way to slink across the street so he wouldn’t have to endure their watchful eyes.

Betsy Goes to the Zoo

Nebraska’s deatheater governor Pete Ricketts, who has never met a pipeline or lethal injection he didn’t like nor a public resource he does not want to fuck back into the middle ages, was bafflingly invited to speak at a ceremony for a children’s zoo today. So some Nebraska Betsies decorated a couple hundred chairs at the venue for the occasion.

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts Meets Betsy

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts Meets Betsy

We just received this glorious photo of the recent Betsy Riot protest of Nebraska’s governor showing him talking about Jesus and American greatness right after he invested his personal fortune to reinstate the death penalty and sent officers off to blast Native Americans with water cannons. Fuck your fascism.

Betsy Visits the Nebraska State Capitol

Betsy Visits the Nebraska State Capitol

The governor of Nebraska, Pete Ricketts, is a Trumplicker who is hell-bent on executing people even when his own state legislature is against it and the federal government says he can’t import the drugs. Recently, even as he announced a state budget shortfall and cutbacks to education, he found the resources to send law enforcement officers to North Dakota to help quash the protest of DAPL there. So today a riot of betsies silently protested at his extremely Jesusy Christmas ceremony at the Nebraska state Capitol building. They were eventually ejected by police. The middle sign says “Trump is Putin’s puppet” in Russian.