It’s a Bird! It’s a plane! It’s Betsy Riot!



/fək’ thē in’ är ā/

plural: betsies, betsys, a riot of betsies

1. an unapologetic feminist patriot who has fucking had enough of Trump culture and gun culture and the death and terror they inflict on America

2. a nonviolent act of civil disobedience against fascism, Trump, or gun culture


past tense: betsied

to prank, lambaste, and generally fuck up whitewing gunlicking bullshit

“That riot of betsies betsied the shit out of the gun show.”

Take a Selfie with the Betsy FuckYourGunsMobile

The Betsy Riot Mobile Billboard Truck is rolling and bound for Atlanta, where it will circle the NRA Annual Gunlicker Jizz-Fest (NRAAGJ) this Friday and Saturday–April 28th and 29th–at the Georgia World Congress Center.

If you’re in Atlanta to protest–and there WILL be protests!–take a selfie with the Betsy Riot Mobile Billboard Truck in the background as it passes by and share it online! You can tweet it or post it yourself or send it to us here and we’ll do it for you anonymously!