Betsy Burns Guns: An Ambient Sound Relaxation Video

Sit back in the hot tub with a loved one and a glass of your favorite wine, and enjoy the soothing sounds of “Betsy Burns Guns: An Ambient Sound Relaxation Video.” Feel the tensions of another day lived under an illegitimate fascist idiocracy leave your body and imagine for a moment you do not live in a country where over 30,000 people a year die from gun violence. Wake up refreshed! Because this shit isn’t going away until you fight it with every fucking fiber of your being.

As seen on The Betsy Riot YouTube Channel!

Deb Fischer = Bootlicker

Apparently things got tense in Nebraska yesterday when Bootlicking Trumptool Deb Fischer refused to meet with constituents but did meet with a rightwing special interest group. We are hoping to get photos and video of Betsy Riot’s shenanigans at that event, but in the meantime we received this from Omaha.

Only Terrorists Plan Massacres

Get a load of this shit. Some wad of scrotal cheese owns a gun range in Bloomington, Illinois, down the highway from DeKalb, Illinois, where five people were killed and another 17 were injured in a mass shooting at Northern Illinois University on Valentine’s Day in 2008. So what does this shitgibbon behind Darnall’s Gun Works do? He decides to hold a “Valentine’s Day Massacre,” inviting members of the shallow end of the gene pool to come shoot automatic guns in celebration of the toll guns have taken in his state. Betsy saw what this glob of diarrheal mucus was planning and posted some signs near his place of business.

Betsy Stands With Planned Parenthood

This video just in from one of the groups of Betsies who crashed the Zygotians in front of Planned Parenthoods across the country yesterday. The betsies were dressed as handmaids from Margaret Atwood‘s “The Handmaid’s Tale.” It’s hard to make out on the recording, but the betsies believe the prayer being chanted by the Zygotians went something like this:

Hail Zygote, full of life,
life is in thee and nowhere else,
shield thee from all trespassers,
then let thee perish in misery and poverty or a rain of bullets upon thy birth.
For we give not a shit about thy mother,
her safety or sanity,
nor thyself upon entry into the world,
especially if thou art born in poverty or brown skin,
for then thou shalt pull thyself up by thy bootstraps,
except we cut thy bootstraps and called thee a freeloader
and built a wall to keep thee away from us
and stored up our AR-15s to shoot thee down.


OOOPS we did it again, motherfuckers!

#SorryNotSorry about crashing your FetusFestival™ again, holy rollers!

The call went out from the IVORY AF TOWER to turn up and #ProtestPP today, and like dutiful sheeple they arrived to wave pre-printed signs and hurl bible verses like RPGs aimed at reproductive choice.

Well, Betsy showed up, too, with tactical props and her very own battle-rattle.

Here are a few pics of BETSY’S RED LINE.


Betsy Fever is Spreading

It appears that Betsy Fever is spreading across the state of Nebraska. Some Betsies way out in North Platte, Nebraska, have just about had fucking enough of the shit-for-brains embarrassment of a state senator in that area, Mike Groene, whose favorite pastime seems to be saying racist shit to high schoolers and insulting public school teachers, usually in a functionally illiterate manner that leads one to conclude he has some serious, pent-up resentment from repeatedly flunking fourth grade English. It turns out this nimrod has somehow become the chair of the state’s Education Committee, because who, in the era of DeVos, could better direct that committee than this grease stain?

Fuck Your Fetus Fetish

If you’re enjoying SB#51 you’ll see an ad for The Handmaid’s Tale, a new series based on Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel, soon to be aired as a televised series. Having read the book, Betsy knows that life under the Trump/Pence regime is looking awfully fucking familiar – and she is NOT lying down for it.

Behold Betsy, somewhere in Illinois, recently COUNTER-PROTESTING a group of ignorant hypocritical theocratic morality-preaching fetus fetishists hoping to defund Planned Parenthood and restrict women’s reproductive rights. 

Well fuck that.

Betsy, as is her wont, made quite the spectacle of herself, with her Handmaid regalia, nasty signage, and all around disruption of their UnplannedParenthoodParty. As a parting shot Betsy led a rousing chorus of “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall” sung at full volume and quite probably interfering with the harping hypocritical man of the sackcloth leading the FetusFest™. OOPS!

The picture here is just a preview. Betsy had a more graphic image for those zygote zealots, one that would likely offend the myopic trolls who watch everything we do here on Facebook– hoping to mass report our indelicate language and graphic images that tell the TRUTH, while having a fap in their mom’s basements across the land.

For the full impact of Betsy’s signage, click over to our tweet at

Or go here and read about Gerri Santoro.

The Heartland Resists


Last night in Lincoln, Nebraska, a riot of 15 betsies took to the streets of downtown in response to Senators Ben Sasse’s and Deb Fischer’s pathetic licking of Trump’s boot. Nebraska senators are dutiful fascists fucking over Nebraska children by helping Trump to destroy public education for corporate gain and by remaining silent or issuing simpering lukewarm statements on Trump’s executive actions to oppress immigrants and refugees.

One of the Lincoln Betsies said: “Look how quickly the ‘Never Trump’ Ben Sasse has lined up to genuflect to his master. We gathered to condemn the disgusting moral cowardice and fascist cooperation of both Sasse and Fischer. History does not look kindly on fascist toadies, and the fact that Sasse led a Nebraska university and Fischer’s mother was a teacher makes their approval of DeVos all the more pathetic and outrageous.”

Press Release from Lincoln, NE Betsies

We belatedly checked our message box today and found this press release from yesterday waiting for us. It’s from the Nebraska Betsies!

If you’re in Lincoln and going to their local galley hop downtown–look them up! They’ll be out and about!


February 2, 2017

(Lincoln, Nebraska)— Members of the “neo-suffragette punk patriot” protest group Betsy Riot will hold a street demonstration tomorrow night in downtown Lincoln during the monthly First Friday gallery hop in response to what the group says is the hypocritical “aiding and abetting” of the Trump agenda by Nebraska Senators Ben Sasse and Deb Fischer.

Wearing veiled Victorian widow’s garments as a symbol of mourning, and chanting protest slogans while carrying signs, the group will walk along the sidewalks of the downtown district and voice their opposition to Sasse and Fischer . The group has protested in similar fashion at past public events, including a lecture given by gun rights advocate John Lott, the annual lighting of the Capitol Christmas tree by Gov. Ricketts, and, most recently, the Women’s March in Omaha. At times the group has chanted noisily and epithetically, while at other times simply stood “in silent vigil” with the intent to shame, said a group spokesperson who identified herself only as “Betsy.”

On Friday, she said, the group will be “making some fucking noise.”

“We are outraged at the swift destruction of our beloved country by a psychotic, narcissistic Russian tool and his alcoholic, wife-beating white supremacist advisor,” Betsy said, referring to President Donald J. Trump and chief White House advisor Steve Bannon, respectively.

“Trump is a fucking asshole,” she added. “He wants to screw over Nebraska’s children by destroying their public education for the sake of corporate gain, and the only thing he seems interested in teaching Nebraska’s children, based on his executive actions, is how to hate Muslims and Mexicans, how to finger-fuck women, and how to take a giant shit on the environment.

“The Trump-Bannon agenda is corrupt, idiotic and fascistic,” she aded, “and our two fuckwad senators, Sasse and Fischer, are aiding and abetting that agenda.”

In recent weeks, the Trump Administration has come under fire for an aggressive flurry of executive orders that include a ban on immigrants and refugees from Muslim countries, as well as the appointment of cabinet heads who oppose the departments they are meant to lead, most notably Department of Education nominee Betsy DeVos, a billionaire proponent of vouchers and charter schools whose poor performance before Senate hearings and conflicts of interest have been called “troubling” by her critics.

By supporting DeVos, Senators Sasse and Fisher are failing the people of Nebraska, according to Betsy.

“Trump has nominated an absolute moron to head up our public education,” she added. “The fact that Senator Sasse led a Nebraska university and Senator Fischer’s mother was a teacher makes their approval of DeVos all the more pathetic and outrageous—particularly Ben Sasse, who spent two years beating the ‘Never Trump’ drum and who has now dropped to his knees to genuflect and lick the boot of his fascist master. That is why Betsy Riot is protesting Friday night—to condemn the disgusting, unbelievably fucked-up moral cowardice and debased, ass-eating fascist complicity of Sasse and Fischer. We hope others will join us.”

First Friday begins at 7:00 in the Haymarket and downtown area off Lincoln. Temperatures are expected to be in the 30s.

Betsy Riot is a decentralized neo-suffgagette punk patriot movement dedicated to nonviolent unapologetic resistance to Trump, the NRA, and the white nationalist movement.