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DAILY NEBRASKAN – 01-22-17: [PHOTO] Betsy Riot, an anonymous, neo-sufferage group, waves signs in front of the Nebraska State Capitol at the Women’s March Rally

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INDEPENDENT JOURNAL REVIEW – 12-16: ‘Go F*** Yourself’: Obscene Anti-Gun Holiday Card Target Lawmakers — in Their Own Homes

INDEPENDENT JOURNAL REVIEW – 12-16: Texas Rep & Dad Gets ‘Holiday Card’ Sent to Home, But Inside Is a Horrifyingly Graphic Anti-Gun Pic

DEMAIO REPORT – 11-13-16: Anti-2nd Amendment Protesters Spray Graffiti on Carl DeMaio’s Driveway

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WASHINGTON TIMES – 09-20-16: Conservative author Dana Loesch: ‘anti-gun zealots are defacing’ my book ‘Hands Off My Gun’

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