Adrian, Michigan

Maybe our favorite photo of the many coming in from across the country right now is of this badass Betsy in Adrian, Michigan, who feels the crisis in this country so strongly she stood outside her small city’s courthouse today. It is on YOU to raise your voice against white supremacists and fascists. Do you live in a red state? In a small town? Are you on your own? That is what makes your voice all the more powerful–no difference is bigger than that between zero and one person standing.

Calling All Betsies!

Are you going to wring your hands on social media when literal fucking Nazis are carrying torches through American cities? Are you going to curl into the fetal position when racist fucks mow a woman down on the street? Not if you’re one of us. Get up, get out there, and hold the line.


Banner it, flyer it, sticker it, scream it at a fascist GOP legislator. Ruin a Nazi’s day. Be a goddamned American and resist this fucking shit.

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New Mexico’s “Koch Cain Problem”

In May, Americans for Prosperity set up shop in New Mexico, eager to start pumping dark money into state politics after lapdog governor Susana Martinez vetoed a bill that would require fuller disclosure of campaign funding. As you already know, Betsies, Americans for Prosperity is funded by the billionaire Koch Brothers and has been instrumental to funneling massive financial resources into pushing a far-right political agenda across the country that is dead-set on fucking the entire planet.

The New Mexico chapter of Americans for Prosperity is led by Burly Cain, exactly the kind of libertarian chode you would imagine, who, when he is not trying to wedge a flaccid Ayn Rand dystopic future up the unsuspecting poop chute of his state, opposes a living wage and spends his time on such ventures as “Adwallet,” which pays poor people pennies to watch shitty advertisements, thus making them all prosperous again.

Here’s a summary of the platform position of the New Mexico Americans for Prosperity:
–Dark money is just what democracy needs
–Obamacare terrible
–Exiting Paris Climate accord great
–Taxes bad
–Minimum wage bad
–Assault rifles, for-profit Christian “education” and pipelines great

Last night Cain held a NM Americans for Prosperity event, in which he offered to “educate” the public about dark money, trickle-down economics and the brighter future they hold for New Mexico—as bright as a nuclear dawn!

So New Mexico Betsies staged a funeral procession in front of the event, protesting the state’s “Koch Cain problem.” Cain responded by calling armed security—private security, so at least he gets props for libertarian consistency!—to keep a watchful eye on these terrifying Betsies.